Third Party Reviews

Forrest K. | September 14, 2018 |

"I used to go to a different Sport Clips because I always had a good experience. Unfortunately, that location became so busy that I could never get in without a very lengthy wait. So, I tried Sport Clips of Lincolnshire. They were no as busy and I was able to get in more than once by just showing up and waiting a few minutes. Jose is now my go to guy there for a great haircut every time. He is professional and friendly I am almost hesitant to recommend this location because I don't want it to get too busy like the other one. That would be selfish though and would not let people know what a great experience it is to go to Sport Clips of Lincolnshire."

Phil Horn | July 25, 2018 |

"Decent haircut"

Darci S. | July 31, 2018 |

"My husband and kids usually get their hair cut at Sports Clips and though this isn't our primary location it's a great backup because the line is much shorter than in Long Grove. The staff is very sweet with my kids, though I could do without trying to upsell me to MVP on my kids. They really don't need all that! I love the online check in option so we can avoid waiting forever. My only other small complaint is the stylists don't really know how to do "designs" (for lack of a better way to describe it) - my kids always want designs cut in to the sides, or a sports number or something, and all the stylists here are really comfortable doing is a hard part. The price is reasonable at $16 for a kids cut, and they usually grow out nicely so we can go 6 - 8 weeks between cuts if we want."

SuperBabyMario0C | July 12, 2018 |

"I recommend Jose to cut your hair at this location if you visit. I usually avoid places like sport clips or any hair cut franchises. Generally you'll find better services at non hair cut/salon franchise locations. That being said, sometimes you find people here with real talent. The first time I came here I was greeted and there was no wait, I was helped by a nice fellow with glasses, who introduced himself as Jose. I wasn't expecting much but he gaved me a fantastic haircut that I came back for my following haircuts, and honestly I think I found my barber. I will seek this guy out wherever he goes for a haircut. Last time I had to wait about 30-40 minutes but it was worth it, and he's a funny guy to talk to too. I can't stand awkward or silent haircuts. I highly recommend Jose if you visit this location. Especially if you're a guy, but from our conversations he said he also does women hair. I'll definitely be back."

Vladislav Dobin | May 24, 2018 |

"Jocelyn pays attention to detail and gives great haircuts."

Niteesh Koyyala | May 06, 2018 |

"bad cut"

Niteesh K | May 07, 2018 |

"terrible hair cut, can you add negative stars, I dont even wanna put 1 star..."

Joe Antony | April 26, 2018 |

"First time customer with a coupon for a free MVP haircut. Jessica cut my hair. Great hair cut and good hot towel. but she proceeded to say that I was not eligible for a free hair cut only the 'MVP experience' and charged me $19 (regular hair cut fee)"

Doug R. | April 13, 2018 |

"I really was gonna give 5 stars, but I had to change my mind at the end. Tien, the barber, did a good job with my hair. It was a decent cut. My hair was a little wetter than I would have liked it to be, but it wasn't a big deal. I think my issues came at the end when I went to check out. I had received a coupon in the mail for a free cut as a first time client. I waited to hand it to her, because she told me right away that I'd receive the MVP upgrade for free anyways. So, when she gave me the total and said, $24, I was shocked. Is that what I was gonna have to pay even with the free upgrade?!?! I asked that I thought I was getting the free upgrade and she said yes. I then handed her the coupon and she said, "I can take this". I was then charged $5 for a scalp something or other. I didn't like that, but I didn't argue or fight it. I've used the same type of coupon at different locations and wasn't charged a cent. I get that these are franchised, but why should it be any different?!?! I've been to a lot of SC, so this wasn't my first time visiting one of their locations. Since this one isn't the closest to me, I have more of a reason to not go back. Good cut, friendly and professional barber, but unfair transaction in the end."

Janice H. | February 14, 2018 |

"Friendly staff and great customer service! We were so happy to see that there was another Sportclips even closer to where we live! The staff here is always so welcoming every time we come in."